How do I create a temperature threshold that send alert at 30 degrees

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I have got my parameter defined in this for

index=main sourcetype="temperature" "30"

When I did my search I got a result in this format.
4:57:39.000 PM

UPS1 Warm: 28 UPS2 Cool: 30
but I need it to display the cool temperature when it is >29 using this command format
index=main sourcetype="temperature" "30"

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you do a field extraction on the values, you'll be able to search how you want. This should work for you. Place this in a props.conf file (create one if it doesn't exist) in your 'SPLUNK_HOME\etc\apps\users\(username)\local' directory.

EXTRACT-UPS1_temp = (?i) UPS2\s\S+\s(?P[^ ]+)

EXTRACT-UPS2_temp = (?i) UPS2\s\S+\s(?P[^ ]+)

Then you can do a search like this ... | where UPS1_temp > 29. You can also extract out the Warm, Cold values and use those as well.

Here's the docs on extracting new fields