Email alert when a data source don't sends events to splunk


Is possible in splunk to configure no data alert? I want to receive an email alert when, for any reason, a data source don't sends events to my splunk server for a specified time.

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Yes, provided you can write a search that is specific enough to your data source. See:

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The following search looks at all hosts in a given index and returns the ones that have not sent any data in the past 10 minutes (1200 seconds):

| metadata type=hosts index=blah |  convert ctime(recentTime) as Recent_Time | where lastTime < (now() - 1200) 

You could customize the 1200 to the interval of your choice, then schedule this search and set an alert condition, for example Number of results > 1 (which would fire when there are any hosts that haven't checked in in 1200 seconds).