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Dear Splunkers:

Is there any way to add extra search result field value to alert email subject? like host value
Thanks in advance!!

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From what I've read, it supports $name$ and the name of the saved search, and $seach$ as the search string itself.

You can configure scripted alerts as per as alert_actions.conf#Script_options, but you're constrained by these 8:

SPLUNK_ARG_0 Script name
SPLUNK_ARG_1 Number of events returned
SPLUNK_ARG_2 Search terms
SPLUNK_ARG_3 Fully qualified query string
SPLUNK_ARG_4 Name of saved search
SPLUNK_ARG_5 Trigger reason (for example, "The number of events was greater than 1")
SPLUNK_ARG_6 Browser URL to view the saved search
SPLUNK_ARG_8 File in which the results for this search are stored (contains raw results)

If you want to use hosts, then I think you're going to have to play around with custom scripted inputs.

Check this link out as well, which can point you in the right direction:

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