Custom Alert Action with a report in an email?


I need to customize the alert message (send via email) with information that is not intrinsic to the alert itself. For example, if the number of users logging in over a 5 minute period exceeds a threshold, then send the alert email with the number of IP addresses that have logged in in that time period.

Trying to use Custom Alert Actions, but we feel that there may be an easier way to execute. Is there a way to have an alert trigger a report, then email that contents to a select group?

We have an alert X. This alert is setup so it triggers at custom machine learning parameters. It will only trigger when the actual number of events is much higher than the mathematical prediction. 

When X is triggered, we need to do 2 things. Firstly, run a report compiling all the information needed to triage. A lot of this is in a Dashboard, but can be run through any number of report and/or splunk query ways.

Secondly, we need the information in that report or queries to be put into an email, either by the file itself or using Splunk tokens to convey the report results.

My approach in my head is alert > run report > email data from that report. 

Thanks in advance!

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