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I know my alerts work because I can trigger them by entering the wrong password on purpose. The problem is I am not getting an email. How do I fix that? Also I saw the option to add it to "triggered alerts." Where does that reside?

This is what I got from the _internal index.

05-20-2020 11:52:11.456 -0700 INFO SavedSplunker - savedsearch_id="nobody;search;Enclave Failed Logon AlertTEST", search_type="", user="xxxx", app="search", savedsearch_name="Enclave Failed Logon AlertTEST", priority=default, status=success, digest_mode=0, scheduled_time=1590000452, window_time=0, dispatch_time=1590000453, run_time=275.236, result_count=1, alert_actions="email", sid="rt_scheduler_xxxxsearch_RMD5300c713dc670b306_at_1590000452_240.0", suppressed=0, fired=1, skipped=0, action_time_ms=2405, thread_id="AlertNotifierWorker-0", message="", workload_pool=""


sendemail:475 - [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address while sending mail to:

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The issue was that in email settings we couldn't use localhost so we changed the mailserver and the from field in email settings. But this did help me because i did go and set the serverNames as well just in case.

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