Alert whenever the devices is not sending traffic logs to splunk.

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index=pan* dvc_name="*" sourcetype="pan:traffic" OR sourcetype="pan:system"

how can I trigger an email alert if example 1 or multiple devices are not sending traffic logs after 24hrs. I tried using the alert with condition number of results but it's not sending logs. because splunk counts the result not by device and by logs it added all the results.

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You must have a list to which you can compare your search results (for example - stored in a lookup, or generated from results from the day before).

Splunk cannot tell you what is not in the results.

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try this


index=pan* dvc_name="*" sourcetype="pan:traffic" OR sourcetype="pan:system" | stats count by dvc_name | where count=0


in the alert condition select if number of results>0

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