Alert Manager - supplied index 'alerts' missing

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So I've upgraded the Alert Manager app to version 3.0.7 and enable the logging of alerts into an index called "alerts", I have an index cluster and a search head cluster.

The index has been created on the index cluster, and the search head is aware as you can see it listed when updating Roles. I've given the "user" role access to the index and set it as a default, but I'm getting this error below:

ERROR sendmodalert - action=alert_manager STDERR - splunk.RESTException: [HTTP 400] ["message type=WARN code=None text=supplied index 'alerts' missing;"]

The Alert Manager page has the text below, but I'm not sure what it means by create it on a Search Head when we have an index cluster (what do I need to do to allow the Rest API to know about the index): 

"Be sure to create the index on all Indexers and Search Heads (the Rest API requires the index to know on Search Heads too)."

Anyone any ideas, I'm sure it's something simple?




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