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Introduction: Ashvin Pandey, Avotrix Inc


I am a Software Engineer working as Senior Analyst 💼 with an experience of 2+ years in Splunk at Avotrix. I have an experience on working with Splunk Administration/Development/ITSI/ES/Phantom/UBA, while working at avotrix I have got exposure to work on multiple use-cases like - XML/HTML Dashboard customization 📊, App Creation and deployment, Server configurations 🖥 and many more..

I also have an interest in creating blogs and videos 🎥, you can visit my blog channel - Technovala, and my YouTube channel - Ashvin Pandey.

I have an expertise in customizing Splunk for Monitoring, Application Management, and Security as per customer requirements and industry best practice.

Please feel free 😉 to reach out to me 📧 for any Splunk related help or work. Happy Splunking 😀

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hi Ashvin,

Thanks for your introduction. I am a fresher in SPlunk area, and until now have only worked on writing search queries for csv files as input. Now i have a task at hand where i have to present the JMX Mbean attributes in the form in graphs in Splunk with some intervals. I have visited all help from the splunk docs, but one thing i dont understand is after creating JMX Inputs (config xml file), what do i do next? whether i have to create an index or il be able to query the MBean in my config file directly using the "Splunk for JMX" app? any help will be greatly appreciated

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