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Where can I find the Splunk Fundamentals 1 ebook in pdf format?


I can not find this supposedly 241 page pdf which is needed for User exam. can someone please point me to where can I find it? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion

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I'm in the middle of taking the course.
If you look at any of the mods, there are links to download materials. The one that is listed first, on every mod, and says you only need to download this once- IS the 241 page ebook. I wouldn't be getting through the course without it. Though I swear it is supposed to be a powerpoint presentation LOL

Hope that helps you.

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@splunku808 contrary to your question, I don't think you need the book for exam.

If you have gone through the course and understand the concepts taught and also practiced using/familiarizing yourself with Splunk UI/features, you should be able to attempt and clear the exam as Fundamentals 1 is pretty basic 🙂

You should also go through Splunk Doc references mentioned during the course.

However, if you are not able to find the book download link (I am not sure how it is provided with the course), you can drop an email to Splunk Education team depending on your location:

Alternatively, you can always download Splunk Docs (complete/specific pages) as PDF from

All the best with your exam!

Just to cheer you up youngest Splunk Certified User Evey who is 12 year old with big aspirations 🙂 Definitely a motivator for me:

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"


niketnilay - Thanks a lot for very detailed and helpful post. I will proceed accordingly.

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Thanks for replying. I am registered already and finished all quizzes etc. But cant seem to fidn the book at all.

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