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We have a stand alone environment in which daily 100 GB data will be ingested,  just want to know what would be the best index storage configuration in indexes.conf.

i have no. of indexes

i want to configure like this


homePath= $SPLUNK_DB/active_directory/db

coldPath= $SPLUNK_DB/active_directory/colddb

thawedPath= $SPLUNK_DB/active_directory/thaweddb






 coldToFrozenDir= $SPLUNK_DB/ active_directory /frozendb


Can someone will help with suitable configuration, and what would be the disk space required to storage

if i ll config foe all indexes , ll i  face any disk space issue??

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HI @dall,

only one information: do you really want to setup a retention of only two days?

Anyway, storage requiremnt is the following:

  • V = average of daily indexed logs (you can use also your license value);
  • C = compression factor: 0.5
  • R = retention (in days);
  • N = number of Indexers (1).

So your storage requiement is:

S = V * C * R / N = 100 * 0.5 * 2 / 1 = 100GB



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