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Work Flow Action | Show Source | Does not display data after upgrade to 7.2.5

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After upgrading to 7.2.5 from 6.2.2 the workflow action show source is not populating data when you click on the button. My users experienced the issue and brought it up. I'm logging in as admin and can't pull up the webpage.

I checked the permissions of the app in the configs and change it to 755 temporarily in linux. I checked the permissions in Splunk Web and it's readable to everyone and writeable to myself. Since it is in SplunkWeb I checked my sslkeys but I'm able to log in to the GUI so that shouldn't be an issue.

I checked the splunkd.access.log where the workflow actions log it's data and I'm getting an http 1.0 404 error for the show source action. I've been trying to trouble shoot this as it relates to the 404 error but no success.

This is a global issue because I can't access the show source in multiple apps. (Mark Logic, Search)

What am I missing or what do I need to do to mitigate this issue?

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