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Time on Y axis and Date on X axis

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Hi Experts, I am new to SPlunk. The table below shows the output of my query

Date      End_time
22-May  20:00:30
23-May  19:58:19
24-May  20:03:47
25-May  19:58:13
26-May  19:58:10

These are the times my application processes ends against those dates. All I need is to show is a line graph with Date on the X-axis and end_time on the Y-axis. Though it appears easy, but seems it is not doable even in Splunk. Any input is appreciated.

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@sarvan7777, if you are trying to plot duration on a chart, you should check out Timeline Custom Visualization

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In Splunk The Y-axis is always a number value, so you must convert end-time to number


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