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Hi All,

I'm new to Splunk and im exploring on Dashboards.

When i generate the PDF using "Generate PDF" button, the pdf gets generated.

Here is my question:

By default i see that the splunk icon is been displayed at the bottom of each page. Is there a way i will be able to change it to a different icon instead of splunk?

Also is there a way i can add my own content on top of the report like a cover page?

Please let me know your thoughs on this. All your answers will be more helpful .

Thanks in Advance


For simple XML, PDF generation is built into Splunk 5.X (and I must admit : is not bug-free...)

For either:

  • Advanced XML
  • Simple XML with forms
  • Advanced XML with forms

You have to use the PDF report server. Installing this app is not very trivial but since I've done it, I've noticed there is a new release. Most of the problems I remember were linked to undocumented missing dependancies, but basically, if you install "firefox" on your PDF server, you should pull out all the necessary packages and libraries.

Although it is said it's only supported with 4.X, I also had to install the following app (and fix it, as written in the comments at the end of the page). It may not be necessary anymore with the new PDF report server :

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Note that integrated PDF generation only works with simple XML dashboards, not advanced XML. You can hide the Splunk logo by setting the reportIncludeSplunkLogo parameter in alert_actions.conf to 0.

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The simple answer is yes. Are you familiar with advanced XML?

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Yes.. im somewhat know about advanced xml. can you provide me more details.

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