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Splunk Cloud: How to learn about status page?


i am using splunk cloud and need to about splunk status page 

in that there are multiple services are there while opening the link https://status.scp.splunk.com/

can anyone let me know the description about those services and impact if not working 

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i need to understand the about platform services API"s  and the impact if they are non operation in splunk status page.

below are few and can you let new if any info on this or any splunk doc for below services information

Identity API
Tenant Provisioning API
Action Service API
KV Store API
Machine Learning API
Search API
Catalog API
Data Indexing
App Registry API
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My attempt to decode this:

Identity API -->User authentication and access
Tenant Provisioning API --> Splunk Virtual Compute services and it's provisioning of the services for this.
Action Service API-->Access alert actions.
KV Store API--> If the KV Store REST endpoints  is available
Machine Learning API-->Machine Learning services for Splunk
Search API --> Search endpoints available
Catalog API-->Metrics catalog endpoint availability
Data Indexing-->Ability to index data
App Registry API-->Splunk App registration service

If I where you and you really need to know the exact details I'd open a case with Splunk Support for this.

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hai  Azeemering,

can you help me with impact if any service is not working.




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Thanks That helps.

But i will open a support case to know exactly because i want to know in detail and also impact if non operational

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I'm not sure what you are asking exactly?

The status of all different services and components are pretty clear as day to me.
Anything in particular you don't understand?

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