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Lookup table does not exist


I'm having an issue where one of my slavese is complaining about a lookup table that i have setup on my master. I get the error

[myslave] The Lookup table 'mylookuptable' does not exist. It is reference by configuration 'source::mysource'.

it seems like the slave is trying to locate the table locally, but i have never run into this issue before and i have many other lookups configured just on the master alone. I double checked all of my props.conf files in all the apps to make sure a configuration didn't accidentally exist. Any ideas?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We replicate the search head's search time configs (including lookup tables) to the search peers via a process called bundle replication. This happens at most every minute, so if this is a lookup table that you have just configured the error message should go away within a couple of minutes as the search heads configs are synced with those of the search peers. If this is happening for an existing lookup table then I would suggest you look in $SPLUNK_HOME/var/run/searchpeers//apps//lookups to see whether the file in question is there.