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Is it possible to create Time chart with search with base search?

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I have a dashboard with the following base search:

<search id="CreatedDossierCount">
    <query>index="customer1-closecl-prod-long" application="closecl" transactionType="createDossier"</query>

and several panels based on this search, this simple one is working fine:

      <title>Aantal aanvragen vandaag</title>
        <title>Aantal aanvragen</title>
        <search base="CreatedDossierCount">
          <query> stats count</query>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
        <option name="trellis.enabled">0</option>
        <option name="trellis.size">medium</option>

gives me a number 35 at the moment.

but a second one with a time chart is not:

      <title>Aantal aanvragen per tijdseenheid</title>
        <search base="CreatedDossierCount">
          <query>timechart minspan=1d bins=12 dc(dossierId) as count | fillnull</query>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
        <option name="link.inspectSearch.visible">1</option>
        <option name="link.openSearch.visible">1</option>

it gives me this result:
alt text
if I then open in search I get this search from it:

index="customer1-closecl-prod-long" application="closecl" transactionType="createDossier" | timechart minspan=1d bins=12 dc(dossierId) as count | fillnull

as expected. Which gives me this result:

alt text

I even tried creating a dashboard panel from that search again, which gives me the same proper result, but if I move the first part of the search to the basesearch again I get the zeroes back.
This leads me to believe it is the combination of the base search and timechart. But I could be wrong.

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I think you have missed out a pipe on the the query?


Should be:
| timechart

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I suspect you are running into this issue:

In post-process searches, reference fields that are also referenced in the base search. If you are not referencing a particular field in the base search, do not reference it in the post-process search. Fields without a reference in the base search appear null in a post-process search. The post-process search returns no results in this case.
Source: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Viz/Savedsearches

So you could try adding | fields * to the base search in order to ensure the field is preserved. But the same documentation also mentions other pitfalls of using post-processing on a search that involves no transforming commands. Given that your base search does not use any transforming commands, I think you may not get any benefit from using that as a base search anyway, and you may be best served by just using the whole query in the place where you've been trying to use a post-processed search.

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