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Instead of using Job Manager, rest call to kill/stop all running current adhoc jobs for one user?

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Does anyone know of a rest call that can be used to kill all adhoc queries for a user?  I do not wish to all users searches, nor do I want to kill schedule searches for that user.

I have the following rest query to identify the current running query for Running_man.

| rest /services/search/jobs/
| search author=Running_man dispatchState=RUNNING
| search NOT id=*scheduler*
| table title id normalizedSearch runDuration

I just would like to be able to kill/stop the results found versus having to go into the job manager.

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Hi @john_glasscock 

You can try following Rest API, action: cancel . Doc link - Search endpoint descriptions - Splunk Documentation

curl -k -u admin:pass https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs/mysearch_02151949/control -d action=pause


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