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How to use tstats in search?

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Hi all
when i run my original query i am getting one result and when i execute the same query using tstats i am getting different output.
how to modify the query to match the count.

my original query:



index=apl-cly-sap   sourcetype=cly:app:sap  |search processName="applicationstatus"  |stats avg(plantime)




tstats query:



|tstats count where index=apl-cly-sap   sourcetype=cly:app:sap  TERM(processName=applicationstatus) by PREFIX(plantime=)
|rename plantime= as Time
 |stats avg(Time)




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That is because your second query (with tstats) is equivalent to

index=apl-cly-sap   sourcetype=cly:app:sap
|search processName="applicationstatus"
| stats count by plantime
| stats avg(plantime)

which is semantically different from your first one.

Unless plantime is extracted at index time, there is no way to do avg on this field in tstats.

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@yuanliu What you said is correct, but when i use tstats i am getting avg of plantime but not matching the count with  original query.

As per my knowledge, when i run a tstats query if the field is not an index time field it will throw error and not show any results.
But here i am getting the results but avg of plantime is not matching. if i am getting results means the plantime is indextime field right?


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Your first search is semantically equivalent to this tstats (provided that all values of the field processName are extracted from key-value pair with equal sign):


| tstats avg(plantime) where index=apl-cly-sap sourcetype=cly:app:sap  TERM(processName=applicationstatus)


Do you mean you get non-null result from the above that is different from your first search?

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