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Geom command receiving error: Error in 'SearchOperator:Geom': could not resolve


I can't seem to get Splunk to run the search necessary to create a choropleth map. Here is my search:

index="main" host="designsafe01.tacc.utexas.edu" PUT /api/public/files/media/published/designsafe.storage.published
| regex "HTTP\/\d\.\d\s200"
| rex "(?[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3})"

| iplocation wma_ip 
| stats count by Country
| geom geo_countries featureIdField="Country"

It works fine without the last line. I can use geostats to generate cluster maps without a problem.
Any time I try to use the geom command though, I get:

Error in 'SearchOperator:Geom': could not resolve

Any thoughts? I've found a couple of places with things to look for.
One person suggested I should change the settings in the lookup for geo_countries,
but I don't see that lookup.
Isn't that supposed to be there by default?


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For some reason, this site is not permitting normal field extraction strings. The line starting with "rex" should have 'wma_IP' between less than and greater than signs after the question mark. wma_IP is the name if the field holding the IP address.

I tried leaving a comment correcting it but was deleted from the comment as well.

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