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Find change in installed antivirus software version


Starting our journey into Splunk and need some help.

I am trying to send and alert when a new version of antivirus is installed on our machines. I am monitoring the application windows event log, so it would be something like grab the version from 20 minutes ago in the logs and if different than current version send the alert.

"Message=Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Antivirus Software. Product Version: Product Language: 001. Manufacturer: Antivirus. Installation success or error status: 0"

Any ideas on how to start this search?

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Hi @ASierra,

what the frequency of this alert?

if it's e.g. every day, you could run a search like this:

index=your_index "Windows Installer installed the product" earliest=-24h
| rex "Product Name: (?<Product_Name>.+)\. Product Version: (?<Product_Version>.+)\. Product Language"
| stats dc(Product_Version) AS dc_pv BY host Product_Name
| where dc_pv>1



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