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Any intellisense enhancements / plug-ins?


Hi all - are there any intellisense plug-ins that enhance the existing Splunk search bar? A few examples of enhancements that I think would be really helpful:

  • If I start typing the name of a macro that isn't in my search history, it would be great to have it appear in the dropdown with syntax description, search details, etc.
  • Auto completion of field names would be cool, with perhaps the top 10 values appearing in the dropdown to give a preview of what data is contained within said field
  • Tag name auto completion
  • More detailed and expanded examples of usage and syntax for search keywords, with links to the appropriate help page on the Splunk site
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I think for the first three points of yours they would be enhancement requests.

However, for your last point, are you aware of the documentation on the search commands


This should contain all you need, also when you do start to type the command in the search bar there will be a drop-down that appears and informs you of the usage and some examples, also there will be a link, "help", which links to the relevant page in the documentation above.



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