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About display priority in annotation

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How to annotate When multiple events are occurring at the same time, how is it displayed in the time chart?
I want to know the priority on display.

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Even if you have multiple events coming for a particular time. Splunk breaks them by the indexed time(this means by the order splunk indexed the incoming events).

For this you need to write your props.conf like below.

DATETIME_CONFIG = CURRENT ----------("CURRENT" will set the time of the event to the time that the event was
merged from lines, or worded differently, the time it passed through the
aggregator processor.)

Refer this below link

So assume you have 200 events per second(Say on 12/13/17 3:38:47). it will break down to milliseconds (12/13/17 3:38:47 101/201/301)

Now when you display them in timechart it will show in chronological order.

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Thank you for anwering.

However, the indexed time must be obtained form log file.

I Want to know what condition the event displayed at the top is decided when the time is exactly the same.

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