Splunk SOAR (f.k.a. Phantom)

What is the best practice to rotate the /var/log/phantom/app_interface.log file

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Hi everyone,

I have limited disk space on /var/log path, so I try to manage phantom log rotation ( follow this link: Configure the logging levels for Splunk SOAR (On-premises) daemons - Splunk Documentation)

but I found a large file named "app_interface.log" that was not included in phantom_logrotate.conf

Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of records are collected in this file? and What is the best practice to rotate this file?

Thank you


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There is a lot of context here for some app operations like widget generation but its not terribly useful beyond the scope of debugging an app issue. I would suggest adding it to the logrotate conf and setting it to roll daily. I wouldn't personally keep more than 7 days. Really if you are debugging an app, historical records are much less useful that active debugging. 

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