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Splunk IT Service Intelligence: Why is service show a value of "N/A" where all underline KPIs show value?


Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), I have developed a few service. But after two days, those service showing their value as "N/A" whereas all underline KPIs showing value.

Could you please help me to find what may be the cause? KPI frequency I am using 15 minutes and also I selected adoptive threshold.
And in service analyser I have selected 24 hr window.

But I have observed that sometimes that "N/A" turn in to 100 and may be after sometimes again turning to "N/A" but KPIs have alway have value.

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I have found this is due to gaps in the data - so if interval is 5 mins for KPI, but data only comes every 15 mins then you will get gaps and n/a - try reducing the source data interval - or increasing the KPI search time


You can also treat gap as normal or which ever the status you like.

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