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Splunk IT Service Intelligence: Service Analyzer Sparklines for entities not displaying consistently

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Hi all,
I have ITSI 3.4.2 running with about 5k entities and about 200 services. When I view services down to the entity level on my KPIs, the sparklines start to render-but then just completely stop about halfway back, then eventually result in flat lines (with a value still to the right). Clicking into the entity shows the expected sparkline so I know the data is there and right.
Is this a known bug or issue? Does anyone have similar problems and a fix?
For what it's worth, the same behavior exists in multiple different browsers.


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Hello @sail4lot, it would be great if you can share browser console errors and masked screenshots (if possible).

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Sorry, it's on a different system. Is it possible that there are performance limits in rendering the sparklines for some reason?

What I am also learning, I think, is that the sparklines reflect values that correspond to info_min_time and info_max_time in the itsi_summary index, NOT the time that the KPI was run. So, if I have a KPI that looks at data from 45-60 minutes ago, the data point appears at a location on that sparkline that seems to match one of those two times, not the KPI run time. I imagine this contributes to the problem a little as well.

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