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How to maintain ITSI Entity information field using the rest API from python?



We have a use case where we would like to maintain a single information field on some of our entities.

The field name is Application Service, and it is fairly static - but not quite, so it might change over time. This field can logically only have one value, and the problem with the scheduled import, is, that if the value changes, there will be two values for this field name.

So we are trying to create a Python script, that will maintain this value, so if it changes the still will only be one value - the old one is overwritten. 

The problem is that when we try to change this vallue and posts to Splunk, we get a code 200 returnkode, but the value has not changed.


This is an example code: (Please don't kill me, this is just a test, and I'm not really a Python developer)


def update_splunk_rest(key, jsonDict):
    url = base_url + "/servicesNS/nobody/SA-ITOA/itoa_interface/entity/" + key + "?is_partial_data=0"
    authHeader = {'Authorization': token}

    r = requests.post(url, headers=authHeader, json=jsonDict, verify=False)
    return r
splk_entity = get_splunk_rest("2b4566fb-367e-44ec-b068-d6541a2024e6")
entity = splk_entity.json()
title = entity['title']
info = entity['informational']
keys = info['fields']
values = info['values']
for field in keys:
    if field == 'Application Service':
values[i] = "Dette er Las test"
#payload = {"_key":"821bd2f7-83d6-47a9-a753-60c04523d57e","title":title,"informational":{"fields":keys, "values":values}}
response = update_splunk_rest("2b4566fb-367e-44ec-b068-d6541a2024e6", entity)


The entity is changed just before the post (update_splunk_rest), that does a post with is_partiel_data=0, as we are changing the entire record from ITSI.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

Kind regards


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I havent run this code but it looks like you're setting values[i] but not actually setting that back inside entity before posting it back to Splunk?

You could try updating values[i] to entity['informational']['values'][i] and see if that resolves the issue! Good luck!

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