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Host Name in the Monitoring Console Under Remote Instance , showing the master node host name (duplicate instance name)



I have 8 server...in which 4 indexers, 3 search heads - in which one server is acting as a DS and last server is acting as Master node/LM/Deployer. Now i'm enabling the monitoring console on the Master Node in the distributed mode. There are two section showns:
1. This instance :
* Here the masternode host name and server name is shown, which are same, say hostname is abc.com and servername is also abc.com
2. Remote Instance
* Here all the indexers peers and search head members will be shown (added through distributed search >> search peers)
* The search head members also have the same hostname and servername, say hostname is search1.com and severname is search1.com, similarly for the other members as search2.com, search3.com
* The indexer peers hostname and server name are different(masternode hostname is shown, instead of indexer1 hostname), say hostname is abc.com and servername is indexer1.com, similary for the other peers as hostname is abc.com and server name is indexer2.com
Due to which will apply the chnages, it throws a error message as "Duplicate Instance - hostname should be unique"

In the Indexer Peers - under the system/local/server.conf and inputs.conf - the hostname and servername same , say "indexer1.com"

  1. Can you please tell how to resolve the same, so that indexer peers hostname is same as the servername of the indexer peers.

  2. Also for all the instance under the "Remote Insatnce" the status is New, how to enable as configured?

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I am facing the same under Monitoring console same host name of all the indexers and hence can't apply distributed setup due to above error.

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