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Why is there an AIX and Solaris server error after installing the universal forwarder?

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Hello Splunkers! 

Recently, I have installed splunkforwarder 8.2.1. 

After installation, 2 errors are showing.

1. After installing splunkforwarder 8.2.1 on AIX(7100-05-04-1914) server. Every time I execute ./splunk command on the CLI,  that closed CLI window. The only command that doesn't close the CLI window is ./splunk status. What should I do to fix this problem?

2. When I was installing splunkforwarder 8.2.1 on Solaris (5.10 sn4v spray) server, it gives me a library error and cannot be installed.

The error is

ld.so.1: splunk : critical : libc.so.1 : version 'SUNWpublic' not found (required by file splunk)

ld.so.1: splunk : critical : libc.so.1 : open filed : no such file or directory

How can I install from this error?

Thank you in advance.

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You need sufficiently new libc version. I'm not sure if you can get it on Solaris10. Then again even if it went ok, such installation would be unsupported.

In case of AIX - did you unpack it with the proper tar version?

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But the 8.x system requirements show support for only Solaris11, not Solaris10 8.0.0 System Requirements 

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The last version of the 7.x agent (7.3.9) shows deprecated support for Solaris10 (x86 and SPARC) 7.3.9 system requirements 

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I am having similar issues with 8.2.1 whereas 8.0.5 seems to work fine.  The 8.x system requirements show only Solaris11 8.2.1 System requirements

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