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Splunk universal forwarder issue

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When I am trying to download and install Splunk Universal forwarder in Linux.

I am getting below error. Please help me in resolving this.

Steps which I have followed:

Downloaded Splunk Universal forwarder from Splunk site.

Copied .gz file to Linux environment. and extracted it with tar -xzvf "***********.gz" file

then I have navigated to splunk_forwarder/bin folder .and tried ./splunk list forward server.It was showing license agreement and at the end it was asking "Do you agree with this license? After entering "Y". below error occurs.

Software License Agreement 08032016
Do you agree with this license? [y/n]: y

This appears to be your first time running this version of Splunk.
Requires license feature='FwdData'
[root@COGNISRV03 bin]# ls

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At the first start of your splunk installation you have to accept license and if it's a forwarder, you don' need any extra license

See here : http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.5.1/Admin/TypesofSplunklicenses#Forwarder_license

Steps to install :

  • Extract the tar to directory where you want to install splunk
  • Change the direcotry to the bin folder
  • ./splunk start
  • Accept the license bby typing 'y'

Once the installation is done, you can do further configurations like inputs etc

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I downvoted this post because doesn't address the actual issue.

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