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Splunk Manager missing major functions

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I'm brand new to Splunk. In the documentation and tutorials they show the manager having a number of top level areas, ie Knowledge, Apps, Users, Data, System, Deployment etc. My instance does not have the Data, System or Deployment areas. How come. Need the Data Inputs to follow the tutorial and learn to connect Splunk to a data source or I can't do anything.

thanks from a new user and Mechanical Engineer (not too many of those on Splunk!)

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I think the only problem is that the user account you're using to access Splunk is just not listed under the 'admin' role. I think the Administration tutorial assumes you have admin credentials.

Regular "User" users and even "Power" users see only "Apps", "Knowledge", and "Users and Authentication".

"Admin" users on the other hand, ie users in the 'admin' role, can also see "System", "Data" and "Deployment".

I'd talk to your Splunk admin and ask if your account can be made admin.

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