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I am planning to setup new Splunk Infra with 7.1 on a linux host with clustered SH & clustered Indexer. Is there any flow needs to be followed for installation like first SH, second Indexer, third DM,LM? can someone help for the installation and configuration management for clustering.

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Hi @thambisetty 

Thanks for your response.

This is the dev setup planning to built similar Prod version. Any reference documents to implement? This is my first installation & cluster environment.

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Firstly any particular reason using Splunk version 7.1 why not latest versions?

  1. Install Splunk enterprise on all servers dedicated for splunk
  2. configure license master 
  3. point all your splunk enterprise instances to license master
  4. configure cluster master 
  5. register all slaves(indexers) and search head members to cluster master 
  6. configure deployer
  7. register your search head members to deployer
  8. Bring up the cluster captain.
If this helps, give a like below.
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