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Source-site-based replication factor: There is no way to set RF and SF based on which site the originates from?

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Just making sure that I didn't miss something. There is no way to set RF and SF based on which site the originates from? I mean - let's say that I have two sites and I don't want the data to be replicated between sites in any way. The customer understand that there is no site-level data resiliency and in case of a site outage faces unavailability of all the buckets stored at that site and is OK with that. I know that I could simply do - for example - origin:2, total:2 but that means that I have to have the same settings in both sites but if I wanted to have different settings at each site? Of course I could do separate clusters at each site but that also means more fuss with managing configurations - deploying apps and so on.

Anything I missed?

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