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How to Deactivate SPL safeguards on Splunk Enterprise


I have upgraded my Splunk Enterprise to 9.0 and we now get warning like this:

Some visualizations have not loaded since we detected usage of risky commands in the query.

This is OK,  and I now why and this dashboard is for admin use only.   So I like to Deactivate the warning for this dashboard only.  That way I will get warning if there are other dashboard with dangerous commands.  But if I read the documentation, it seems that I can only disable all warning or warning for some commands.  I would like to disable warning pr dashboard.  Anyone has a workaround?


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I think it is possible to disable / enable these warning per app level.

So if you add a web.conf in your app 
$Splunk_home\Splunk\etc\apps\yourapp\local\web.conf (where your admin dashboard resides)



This should disbale the warning there.

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It did not work.

When I did make a web.conf file like this in one app, it disabled the warning in all apps.

enable_risky_command_check_dashboard = false


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