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For single value panel need to replace 'no results found' message with custom data



I tried the below logic, to replace the "no results found "message with a custom message.
But after adding append count the,  at end of the query.
logic is not working as expected. Can anyone please help?

base search | fields version, time  | appendpipe [stats count | where count=0]
    <condition match=" 'job.resultCount' == 0">
        <set token="show_html">true</set>
        <unset token="show_html"/>
<chart rejects="$show_html$">
<html depends="$show_token$">
     <div style="font-weight:bold;font-size:150%;text-align:center;color:red">
          No data, Please check later


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@kirruskDid you get a zero at the end of your query? Or are you still trying to do that?
If you do have a "0" at the end of your query, then it is as easy as modifying your last line to


| appendpipe 
    [ stats count 
    | where count=0 
    | eval count="No data, Please check later"]

I tested this and it will display in a single value viz. So you won't need any of the custom xml, because the logic is in the query itself.



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@efavreau Thank you, but it is not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm using the hyper link. So if there is no data also hyperlink is still enabled on custom message, which should not.

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