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Splunk Enterprise Security: For items in My Investigations, do they get saved in the KV Store?

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I am looking for advices on how to plan the backup and storage of "My Investigations" data in the Splunk Enterprise Security (ES).

Two questions regarding this:
1- How to configure and manage the disk space and retention of data in KV store?

2- For the items we save in "My Investigations" inside the Splunk ES app such as notes, action history, raw_events, notable events etc. Do they all get saved in the kvstore and all I need to worry is to save the kv store OR for events, does it depend on the retention period of the original index and sourcetype?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

1 - there is currently no way to do this.
2 - They all get saved in the KV store. Search results for searches that you add to your investigation as action history items do not, but the rest do get duplicated, to my knowledge.
Limited information is available here, but this is good material to add to future documentation. Thanks for asking this question, and to @arosario258 for following up! I missed it when @kausar posted this the first time.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I should clarify that #1 is not possible today for the KV store collections used by the investigations feature. I don't know of anything overly specific for KV store in the level of detail as indexes.

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It's interesting that no one has chimed in to answer this question seeing that it's almost a year old now. I actually wondered myself about this very topic.

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