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Getting configuration errors when installing modular input on heavy forwarder.



I am trying to install a modular input.
On a standalone Splunk, there is no problem, the setup dashboard shows up perfectly.

But on an heavy forwarder I get the following error on the graphical interface of Splunk:
Unable to initialize modular input "gmail_bigquery" defined inside the app "TA_AI_NR_1R93_gmail_HF": Introspecting scheme=gmail_bigquery: script running failed (exited with code 1).

And in the _internal index:

05-13-2019 15:21:53.237 +0200 ERROR
AdminManagerExternal - Stack trace
from python handler:\nTraceback (most
recent call last): \n File
line 130, in init\n

hand.execute(info)\n File
line 594, in execute\n if
self.requestedAction == ACTION_LIST:

self.handleList(confInfo)\n File
, line 38, in handleList\n

confInfo)\n File
line 40, in wrapper\n for entity in
result:\n File
line 118, in wrapper\n raise
exc.message)\nRestError: REST Error
[404]: Not Found -- HTTP 404 Not Found
-- {"messages":[{"type":"ERROR","text":"Not

It seems that something is missing in the configuration but I do not find what it could be ....


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I use the command to debug the modular input:
./splunk cmd splunkd print-modinput-config --debug gmail .

This gave an other error message (different from what was logged into the _internals.

And I could correct this new error and then solved the issue

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