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Why the error during Splunk Cloud custom app installation?


I want to install a custom app "Splunk Health Care Centre" in Splunk cloud.

So i replicated the existing "Search & Reporting app" and sent to the cloud team.

But the cloud team is getting below error and they are unable to install the custom app.

Please help here.



#Custom 8.2.6 - SplunkHealthCareCentre

JavaScript file standards

[failure] Check for usages of telemetry metrics in JavaScript

The telemetry operations are not permitted. Match: splunkUtil.trackEvent File: appserver/static/get_html_dashboard_count.js Line Number: 7

Directory structure standards Ensure that the directories and files in the app adhere to hierarchy standards.

[failure] Check that the file 'local.meta' does not exist. All metadata permissions should be set in 'default.meta'.

Do not supply a local.meta file- put all settings in default.meta. File: metadata/local.meta

[failure] Check that when decompressed the Splunk app directory name matches the id property in the [package] stanza in app.conf. For Cloud apps, the id property must exist and match the app directory name. For on-premise apps, if the id property exists, it must match the app directory name; if there is no id property, check_for_updates must be set to False in app.conf for the check to pass.

The `app.conf` [package] stanza does not exist. Please disable `check_for_updates` or set the `id` property in the [package] stanza. File: default/app.conf


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@alexspunkshell hi,

You could test this app vetting on your machine before submitting a case to Splunk support.

You could use splunk add-on builder for this situation and as the above warnings provided by splunk support, once all the errors are cleared and when you submit the app in a new package, splunk support will schedule a deployment.


hope this helps

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