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Splunk Add-on for AppDynamics fails AppInspect validation for Splunk Cloud

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Hi there!


In the Splunk Add-on for AppDynamics release notes, it is mentioned: "Now Splunk Cloud supported! Updated using Add-On-Builder 4.0 to set python version preference to python3 and pass cloud vetting (no changes in functionality)." Now this message and the app itself is a little old: July 23rd, 2021.

However, when I try to install this add-on in Splunk Cloud, it fails AppIsnspect validation. There are 3 failed check:


  • Detected an outdated version of the Splunk SDK for Python (1.6.6). Please upgrade to version 1.6.16 or later. File: bin/splunk_ta_appdynamics/aob_py3/solnlib/packages/splunklib/binding.py


  • Change the version attribute in the root node of your Simple XML dashboard default/data/ui/views/home.xml to `<version=1.1>`. Earlier dashboard versions introduce security vulnerabilities into your apps and are not permitted in Splunk Cloud File: default/data/ui/views/home.xml


  • The Add-on Builder version used to create this app is below the minimum required version of 4.1.0.Please re-generate your add-on using at least Add-on Builder 4.1.0. File: default/addon_builder.conf Line Number: 4

Any chance a new version will be made available with recent support for Splunk Cloud? We'd love to offload this add-on from our on-prem Heavy Forwarders to Splunk Cloud.

Thank you!

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Hello @patrickouellet,

I generally use the splunkbase API to determine if the app/add-on is available to be installed via Self-Service on SplunkCloud or not. I checked for the Splunk Add-on for AppDynamics and it is rejected for both Classic and Victoria experience. Hence, the only possible way to determine how to have the app installed on your SplunkCloud environment is either by raising a Splunk Support ticket or have the add-on fixed/updated by the developers. 

Below is the API that you can refer to:


Here, the uid refers to the app-id (#app-number) and then you can search for install_method_single and install_method_distributed for Victoria and Classic experiences respectively. 


For the second failure, you can navigate to the default/data/ui/views directory in the app and replace the header in all the dashboard xml files as below:

<form version="1.1">
<dashboard version="1.1">

Based on the header tag, update it to the above and try uploading the package again. 

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Thank you for taking the time to reply 🙂  Much appreciated.

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