Why are there missing and/or non-working navigation menus in Splunk Web using Firefox in Linux with Splunk 6.6.4?

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I read through that describes my problems perfectly; however the issue is not resolved.

From the link for those not wanting to click;
"I installed Splunk 6.3.0 build aa7d4b1ccb80. If I log in using either Firefox or chrome, none of the drop-down menus work (App, Messages, System, Activity, help). However, if I use Safari, everything works fine. Also, I have noticed that in Firefox I get only " Messages, System, Activity, Help" but in Safari I get "Administrator, Messages, Settings, Activity, Help and find"

Any suggestions on what could be the issue(s)?"

We are running 6.6.4 instead of 6.3 is the difference. We have deleted the cookies and looked at developer tools that the answer states while restarting Splunk service.

This instance of Splunk is setup as an indexer. Current OS is CentOS 7.3 64-bit. We have a second Splunk instance running that is the master and all the menus there work fine.

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