Why am I unable to login to freshly installed Splunk Enterprise (just reloads login page)?

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On a fresh Splunk Enterprise install, I cannot log in to the web GUI. When I get the password wrong, I am told it is wrong. When I get the password right, it just reloads the login page.

Here are the symptoms:
- Fresh Install of Splunk 8.0.1 (Have also tried 8.0.0 and 7.3.4)
- During startup, I have set a strong password (another post mentioned in 7.1+ it enforces strong passwords, so I tried this)
- No errors on install
- From web GUI (localhost:8000), when I try my username and password, the login screen simply reloads. When I try a known incorrect password, I get a notification that "Login Failed." So, I am led to believe that my password declared during install is actually recognized since I am not told the login failed when I enter the correct password...but I can't get past the login page.

Here's what I have tried so far:
-Uninstalled and reinstalled Splunk Enterprise 8.01, 8.00, and 7.3.4.
-Tried weak and strong passwords.
-Tried default admin / changeme combo. But again, when I get the password wrong, I am told it is wrong. When I get the password right, it just reloads the login page.
- Tried to reset admin password by renaming /etc/passwd to /etc/passwd.bak and then creating a new file called user-seed.conf in /etc/system/local with [user_info] PASSWORD = "my strong password"
- Also tried to reset password with "splunk cmd splunkd rest -noauth POST /services/admin/users/admin "password=changeme"

I am running on Windows 10. Of note, I have run Splunk 8.0.0 on this laptop before. I had the 60 day trial, switched to the free license group, but when I did that I had license violations leftover from when I used it is the 60 day trial. Since I was not able to search because of the violations, I re-installed from scratch (I didn't have much data ingested so I didnt mind) but this is when I stopped being able to login and have had this issue ever since. When I uninstall Splunk I verify that there are no files left in C:\Program Files. (i.e. no Splunk directory anymore)

Has anyone seen this issue before? Anyone know a way past it?

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Clearing cache on the browser solved this issue for me.

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