Securely restrict access to index

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Is there any way in Splunk to allow an app which creates an index be the only app that's allowed to change permissions for it?

Say I have an app: app 1 which has an index index1 and the app has an authorize.conf with the following stanza

srchIndexesAllowed = index1

What's to stop someone uploading a new app with their own authorize.conf to grant them access to my suposidly secure index

srchIndexesAllowed = index1

Our platform team is not necesserily allowed to see the data in the indexes we have, but they need to be able to administer Splunk including adding applications etc. How should I be correctly implementing access controls or is this just not possible in Splunk?

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I do not think this is possible.
Usually SIEM Systems are not managed by the platform teams but by the SIEM group themselves.

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