SSL on Splunk web with Self Signed certs getting NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID in Chrome


Followed Splunk documentation steps to enable SSL on splunk web using self signed certificates. When opening the site after restarting splunk, getting “NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID” error in both Chrome and Internet Explorer. Firefox allows an exception to be written to get past the error, Chrome and IE do not and so Splunk is inaccessible for users without FF.

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This error message from Google Chrome Browser is one of the most common problems that everyone faces in our day to day life. Google Chrome warns you whenever it finds out any abnormal tracks taken while you browse things on the web. If you are getting the SSL error Net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID in chrome, it means your Internet connection or your computer is preventing Chrome from loading the page securely and privately.


  Check System Date and Time
  Disable Antivirus SSL Connection
  Clear Cookies and Cached Files
  Reset Chrome Browser
  Open Chrome in Incognito Mode
  Expired SSL Certificates
  Update Chrome Browser
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Since you are able to use the certificate with Firefox and it is working, for other two browsers you can export the certificate from firefox and import it into Chrome and IE as trusted Root authority and that should get you pass the exception. I do wish Chromium should simplify adding the exception though simple click.

In your case one of the options is (i) To get Certificate from Trusted Root authority, or else (ii) If these are windows machine push the certificate through the group policy.

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Path Finder

Same problem here, exporting the certificate from firefox did not work. Any other ideas?

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