LDAP Authentication, single group with multiple strategies.


My gut and Googling tells me this won't work, but I'd like some backup or a link to direct documentation showing why/why-not.

Is it possible to have Splunk connected to LDAP1, LDAP2, and LDAP3 but only have roles mapped to LDAP1 Groups with user accounts from LDAP2 and LDAP3 present in them. This is a MS Active Directory setup, and of course this works for MS authentication because of trusts.

We have the 3 LDAP strategies currently but each has its own set of Splunk groups for role mappings. The AD folks want to consolidate these down to one set in one domain and add users from the other domains to them.

We have added test users, and Splunk can read the group membership but not as names. They show up as ;


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You're seeing the same issue as this other user ( It seems that the issue has to do with the way that AD responds back to the query. I'm having a similar issue as the linked problem.

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