How can I use and centrally manage native Active Directory user accounts to create dedicated admin accounts for Splunk?



I want to create dedicated admin accounts for users so they are not running as admin, except when needed. However our Active Directory team will only issue 1 AD account per user. I thought then, perhaps I can use local/native accounts, but I am not certain how to centrally manage this? I would want the same account on all boxes, same password etc.

We do use puppet config management, but after playing with a test install of Splunk, I don't see the account in a flat file anywhere.

Can someone point me in the right direction on this?

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Completely agree with the suggestion to create an AD Group for Splunk admins, and then map the "admin" role in Splunk to that group. When members get added/removed from that group, or de-activates, etc... changes are instantly reflected in Splunk.

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/splunk/etc/passwd is the password file for all local accounts. You can always do the setup on one system and then push the file out to all systems. I do not not remember if it will require a restart or if a debug/refresh will solve it.

You can also create an AD group for admins and then map that group to the role.

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