Consent banner for Splunk?


At our organization we use Splunk with Apache to provide LDAP authentication using smart cards. We are required to provide a consent banner upon typing in the website to get to our Splunk environment. 

I don't have much knowledge on Apache at all, and googling doesn't have much information on setting up a banner which then redirects me to Splunk after accepting.


Looking for assistance to see if any one else has been able to successfully implement a consent banner for their Splunk environments?



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@StefanieConsent or notification banners/messages range between companies, government agencies, etc.. Depending on your requirements, the Splunk Admins have access to a one-line banner, which can be made into a hyperlink. There is limited customization, but does serve most purposes.
Logged in as an Admin... go to Settings » Server settings  » Customize global banner.
From there, you can put in your message, make it a hyperlink (example "Logging in acknowledges your consent to the policies linked here."), color the background, and it will appear at the top of the Splunk log in screen.
For more info:


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