Can you use 3rd party cert for Splunk Web while using another self-signed client-side cert connecting to Splunk API 8089?


It seems the Splunk Web application does not allow for configuration to serve a 3rd party certs for Splunk Web 443, while using another client-side cert connecting to Splunk API 8089. Is my conclusion correct?

I'm referring to the following 2 types of exchanges:
1. Browser (client) to Splunk Web 443/8443 (server) - 3rd party certs with 3rd party root CA - WORKS
2. Splunk Web (client) to Splunkd 8089 (server) - self-signed with own CA root cert - DOES NOT WORK - The 3rd party cert is provided by Splunk Web as the client-side cert, which is not what I want.

My problem is that connection #2 does not authenticate the Splunk Web client because it seems I cannot configure it to use a different certificate for the Splunk Web client-side of the connection to Splunkd.





What am I missing here?

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