Any ETA on Splunk 4.1.8 release notes?


The RPMs for 4.1.8 have been posted since yesterday, but the release notes link is still broken. Even playing around with the URLs doesn't seem to locate the release notes anywhere on the Splunk documentation site. Any idea when they'll be posted?

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It seems like some Release Notes are posted, the Change Log at least (this seems to be a minor bug fix release). They can be found here:

4.1.8 Release Notes

Here is the Excerpt from that site:


The following issues have been resolved in this release of Splunk:

* Epoch timestamps not parsed correctly after March 12, 2011, (SPL-38016)
* A crash issue has been identified with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 / OpenSuSE 11.0,11.1,11.2 and 11.3, combined with Splunk on x86_64. It is caused by a SuSE patch to glibc which breaks programs using external mallocs. The problem can be identified by __res_iclose() in the backtrace in the crash log. (SPL-37331)
* Improvements to IndexProcessor service performance. (SPL-37390)
* Annoying but harmless "ERROR Timeliner - Failed to rm dir" (SPL-35722)
* Scheduled searches stop firing with occasional "WARN SavedSplunker - Saved splunk failed to get current user context" error in scheduler.log. (SPL-38047)
* Crash in AD with a large number of .dmp files whenever the AD message has %s or similar string. (SPL-37640)
* Window installation erroneously creates and stanzas in inputs.conf. (SPL-37440)
* When registry monitoring baseline data from multiple hives are selected to be monitored, the baseline events from the first collection are repeated multiple times. The baseline data from the other stanzas do not show up. (SPL-37381)
* Incomplete events in parsingQueue are indexed as 'complete' when the 10 second idle timeout limit is hit. (SPL-37252)
* Diag is failing due to token files in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/alive_tokens/alive_xxxx.token. (SPL-37934)
* Issues with getting results for certain session IDs with error "ERROR SearchResults - Error reading internal file header". (SPL-37712)
* If splunk-regmon baseline=1 is set for a stanza, regmon collects events even if it the collection is disabled. (SPL-37620)
* Regmon filters are case sensitive and shouldn't be. (SPL-37619) 


4.2 is the latest and greatest -- there is no 4.1.8 release.

[edit] there appears to be a 4.1.8 posted, however there is no doc section on this point release.


Apologies. Someone clicked on the down arrow, making it "-1".

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Umm, yeah, I didn't down vote you. You are correct about there being a 4.1.8 release showing -- that is quite odd.

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Ugh. Yes, there is. Go to "Older Releases" and click on any of the versions (in particular Linux x64). The link has been up since yesterday. Please don't vote me down on the question unless you've checked to see if the question is valid first.

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