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SOAR Apps Are Moving

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Today, many SOAR apps live on GitHub in a monorepo. This has helped many users explore the apps' internal code, understand how they work, and even make contributions. But this repo didn't hold all our apps, and I'm happy to announce that starting Tuesday, November 9th, ALL of our Splunk SOAR apps will be open-source and live in a new GitHub organization!

What's changing?

We're breaking up that monorepo to allow each app to live in its own repository. This gives us and our partners greater control of each app's updates.

Does this change the contributions process?

Only slightly. You can always check our Contribution Guide for the latest updates.

What else can I do with the new repo?

You can submit GitHub Issues for individual apps, view the app's documentation, and see its source code all in one place.

Wait, can I still contact Splunk Support if I have an issue with an app?

You can always contact Splunk Support for Splunk-supported apps. Submitting GitHub Issues or pull requests for everything else is a valuable way to get involved in our community.

I'm a vendor and want to be a Maintainer for my product's repository. What do I do?

Get involved with Splunk's Technology Alliance Partners program and let's do it!

Questions? Comments? Let us know below, and we hope you enjoy the new organization!

-- Matt Sayar, Product Manager for Splunk SOAR Apps