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August Observability Newsletter: See What's Inside

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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August 2022


Track to Log Views within Splunk Observability Custom Dashboards Today!

Today, Splunk Observability releases log views, a new feature for users to add their logs data from Splunk Log Observer and Log Observer Connect directly to their Observability custom dashboards - all while drawing on existing Splunk instances from a familiar, extensible data platform.

Log views combine the easy UI of Log Observer with the flexibility and power of Splunk Observability dashboards. This allows users to complete the troubleshooting journey in one place: metrics-based alerts and trends show what changed and when the problem started, and log views provide full detail of what’s happening and why. Learn more about log views!

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 Check out our blogdocs, and sign-up for a free trial today.




Visual Feedback on Splunk APM Trace Search

With visual feedback on trace search, get immediate feedback on matches and errors, as well as when there are no matches in the trace search results. You can sort your trace search results on timestamp / duration and narrow down the search range on the interactive chart to see relevant traces.

Learn more here




Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Named Customer Favorite by TrustRadius

Splunk is honored to be the recipient of a series of awards from TrustRadius—all based on customer reviews. In the Observability category, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) won for Best Feature Set and Best Relationship in the Event Monitoring category.

To learn more about the TrustRadius awards, check out the blog. You can also leave your own review here.




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Tech Talks 

Platform Edition:
Splunk 9.0 - What’s New and How to 
Migrate / Upgrade
Tuesday, August 30 | 10am PT / 1pm ET

Register to Attend

In June we announced Splunk 9.0 which has a lot of new features and innovations. In this Tech Talk, we will walk you through the new Splunk 9.0 / Splunk Cloud Platform features. These new enhancements help you with end-to-end visibility, rapid investigation and action, and more extensibility. How can you take advantage of these new features? We will show you how to upgrade to Splunk 9.0 and how to upgrade to Splunk Cloud Platform to take advantage of all the new features. Join us August 30th!


Now On Demand 

Platform Edition

Introducing Ingest Actions: Filter, Mask, Route, Repeat  

Watch Now

Security Edition

Ready, Set, SOAR: How Utility Apps Can Up Level Your Playbooks!

 Watch Now

Observability Edition

DevSecOps: Why You Should Care and How to Get Started 

 Watch Now







Do More with Lantern 

Content is expanding all the time with more ways to help you be successful.





Have you still not checked out Splunk Lantern? Your peers have! From Q2 last year to Q2 this year

  • Page views increased 69%
  • New users increased 423%, and, drumroll please…
  • Returning users increased a whopping 1,475%!

Lots of Splunk customers just like you love the content they find on Splunk Lantern that helps them ramp up quickly, work more efficiently, and achieve their use cases. And the content is expanding all the time with more ways to help you be successful. In July, we added a number of new articles to the Security Use Case Explorer (for example, Creating an Incident Response Plan (IRP)), as well as more articles to help you with our cool observability products, like ITSI (for example, Gaining better visibility into ServiceNow instances in ITSI) and Synthetics (for example, Looking into a failed Real Browser Check (RBC) run.

Check out those and more, and be sure to log in to leave us comments on the bottom of any article to tell us how we're doing.





Find an App with Splunkbase

More app releases and updates since the last newsletter!





Splunk Training and Certification

Announcing an entirely new learning experience.

new landing page, more filters to the course catalog, a way to browse courses by delivery language, an entire page dedicated to free training and more! New site, same url:

Also set to launch this month is the new Learning Rewards program — gaining new skills and new Splunk swag… what could be better?

ICYMI we are also offering a variety of Fast Start bundles to streamline your learning and registration experience — this means tons of single-subject learning in a single registration. Unsure of where to start? All new learners should check out these three free, self-paced eLearning courses (What is Splunk?Intro to SplunkUsing Fields) and pick a Fast Start based on your goals. 


Until next month,

Happy Splunking!

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