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All SOAR Apps are Open Source!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

A few weeks ago, we mentioned we're moving our open source SOAR apps to a new space on GitHub. On December 2nd, we're doing something even more exciting: we're moving ALL of our app source code to GitHub!

As Splunk continues to embrace open source, this is a major step in allowing our customers to take a peek into how things work and perhaps even help out the rest of the community by making contributions.

These GitHub repositories will be our single centralized location for SOAR app source code moving forward. We look forward to seeing the benefits of how this transparency helps you automate your tools with SOAR!

How is this different from our previous announcement?

Last time we simply moved apps that were already open-sourced from one GitHub org to another. This time, we're taking apps that were previously only available in-house to everybody. From now on, all of our app source code will be open source from the very beginning. All 350+ apps!

How does this help you out day to day?

There are many benefits to open source software, but for most folks, business will continue as usual. For those with Python development skills, this is somewhat of a game changer. We always offered source code to anybody who asked, but this eliminates any barriers to getting access to it. Combined with our new in-product app editor, Splunk is really putting the power in your hands. Of course, you don't HAVE to do any coding to get all the great benefits Splunk SOAR offers, but there's a lot of power in letting you gracefully drop into code if you need to tweak just one little thing.

Why is the new repo called "Splunk SOAR Connectors?" I thought they're called apps.

Oh you noticed that! We're slowly moving away from calling them "apps" and will call them "connectors" in the future. You can call them apps or connectors for now; they're interchangeable at this point. I'd probably still describe them as apps to my mom, but since they're connecting SOAR to various services we feel that makes more sense moving forward.

-- Matt Sayar, Product Manager for Splunk SOAR Apps (er, Connectors!)

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